Kids' Danish Arts and Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

When the kids are stuck inside and you need an inexpensive, easy craft to keep them occupied, consider Danish arts and crafts. Best known for intricate paper cutting and folding, Danish crafts can be modified for kids. With just scissors, basic templates and construction paper, kids can have hours of fun making these easy crafts.

Paper Heart Basket

One of the best known Danish crafts for Christmas is a paper heart basket, or a Flette Jule-Hjerter in Danish. This woven pouch can be as intricate or simple as needed, and template are easy to find (see References). You'll need two different colours of construction paper, scissors and a template. After your child cuts out the pieces from the template, they are woven together. Use a glue pen to help hold the pieces together for added strength. The two sides of the heart open up to form a basket and a paper handle can be added.

Viking Paper Craft

For younger kids, try a Viking cutout. Using a template (see References), cut the shape out of construction paper and have the child colour it. Cut out circles for shields and other shapes to glue to the Viking. Talk about different Viking customs and clothing to bring this craft to life.

Paper Stars

Making paper stars out of strips of paper is more challenging but good for older kids and even adults. Cut four strips of different coloured construction paper 1-by-20 inches long and cut the ends at an angle. Folds the strips in half, and then fold them over each other so that each piece points in a different direction. Make a 1/2 turn with the paper, and fold pieces into each other pulling the ends into the folded area of the opposite piece. Continue this rhythm until you have a cross shape; this will be the base. Starting with the upper right-hand piece of paper, fold it over the arm of the cross at a 45-degree angle. Continue this with the next piece to the left until you fold all pieces of paper over and you have a star shape.

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