Most effective & efficient portable electric heaters

Updated February 21, 2017

Portable electric heaters are an ideal alternative to using your home's furnace or other heat source. The heaters are less expensive than running a furnace, are easily moved from room to room and they also boost the overall temperature in a room or space within a short period of time. There are a variety of effective and efficient portable electric heaters on the market, including fan forced convection heaters, whole room and panel heaters.

Fan Forced Convection Heaters

Fan forced convection heaters are not only effective, they are consistently reviewed as the safest heaters to purchase and use. Fan forced convection heaters work by forcing warm air into a room or area. The units usually contain two or more ceramic discs that heat up very quickly. Fan forced convection heaters can heat a large room or space in a very short period of time. The heaters do have a drawback---they are generally noisier than other portable heaters. The Pelonis Four Disc Furnace is one such fan forced convection heater on the market today. As of October 2009, it is priced in the £65 range and is available at most retail and home improvement centres. Other fan forced convection heaters start at around £19 for a small unit.

Panel Heaters

Another effective and efficient portable heater is the panel heater. These heaters are quiet, economical and capable of heating an entire room in no time. Panel heaters work much like an oil heater and the units pump out an even flow of heat throughout a room or space. These heaters can also be mounted on a wall with the proper hardware (usually included). The Mica Panel Heater DeLonghi is a panel heater on the market today, priced around £52 (as of October 2009) and is available from home improvement and some local hardware stores.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are similar to the warmth from the sun. As soon as you turn on the heater, you will feel the heat. These heaters are effective and efficient as a supplement to another heat source like a fireplace or furnace. Radiant heaters are not designed to heat an entire room though. Most radiant heaters range in price from £26 to £39. Larger units start at £65 (as of October 2009). Radiant heaters are also ideal for heating a porch or workshop. The Holmes Quartz Tower portable heater is one radiant portable heater currently on the market and is priced around £32. Radiant heaters are available at most retail, home improvement and hardware stores in your local area.

Whole Room Heaters

The most effective and efficient of all the portable heaters is the whole room heater. Whole room heaters contain a fan, heating element and a temperature control for setting the heater to a warmth level you want. Whole room heaters eliminate "blind spots" in the circulation of warm air in the room because the air in the space is constantly being heated and recirculated back into the room. So, the room or area never has standing stale air. The Vornado is one brand of whole room heaters available, and starts in price at £39 (as of October 2009).

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