The Best Treatment for Wart Removal

Written by renata barber | 13/05/2017
The Best Treatment for Wart Removal
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Warts are raised growths that can appear on the face, neck, hands and knees. They are caused by several strains of human papillomavirus (HPV). Sometimes these warts prevent normal functions of the body. However, most people seek to get rid of them because of aesthetic reasons. Regardless of the type of wart you have, medical treatment is the best way to get rid of them permanently.

Medical Treatment

Wart removal is best treated by a qualified dermatologist or other medical professional who specialises in it. If you happen to have a stubborn wart you want removed, these health care professionals can help you. Some dermatologists have had success using cryosurgery, a surgical procedure which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart. Sometimes a doctor will inject chemicals into the skin to stimulate the body's immune system response to the virus. Warts can also be removed with a laser. Generally, the removal of warts requires several treatments, regardless of which method is used, in order to completely remove them. For more severe cases, such as the removal of genital warts, a strong immune system is the best defence for getting the body to rid itself of the virus. However, in some instances the infection can last a lifetime with periodic outbreaks. Prescribed medication can help treat the symptoms during an outbreak, but it can't prevent the infection from occurring again.


In addition to the surgical procedure for removing warts, you're doctor may also suggest several over-the-counter products as part of your overall treatment plan. Most of these products contain salicylic acid, either in liquid form or as medicated patches which gradually melt the warts. At your local pharmacy you may also find a home cryosurgery kit, which uses nitrogen and carbon dioxide for removing warts. While most of these products are relatively safe, overall they tend to be less effective than the traditional treatment offered by a dermatologist or physician. Tea tree oil, dandelion oil and milkweed are natural extracts used to diminish warts.

Duct Tape

Another effective way for removing warts is to cover it with duct tape. Usually this involves smothering the wart with the tape for weeks or months at a time until finally the wart fall off. Since the tape must be left in place for a long time, sometimes this proves difficult. Usually, the tape falls off and you must reapply it.

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