The Best Treatment for Blackheads

Blackheads result from dead skin cells plugging the pores of your skin. While the best treatment is prevention, there are a number of methods for removing blackheads that have already formed.


Exfoliation consists of a combination of mild acidic solutions and scrubbing components. The exfoliating scrubbers are meant to slough off dead skin cells and expose the actual blackhead. Once exposed, the solution will dissolve the blackhead and clear up the skin.

Pore Strips

Pore strips provide a means for manual removal of blackheads. The strips use adhesives to attach the strip to the skin and upon removal, pull the blackheads out of the pores on the skin. Pore strips are more effective on soft blackheads that are not ingrained in the skin but do little to remove stubborn blackheads.

Chemical Treatments

Many solutions available over the counter, such a topical retinoids, are useful in the treatment of blackheads since they work by dissolving the blackhead itself. Often, they are most successful when used as a follow-up treatment to exfoliation, but they do provide some removal of blackheads when used alone. Other effective treatments include chemical peels containing glycolic acid and solutions containing benozyl peroxide.

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