Home remedies for a cough & itchy throat

Coughing is nature's way of removing obstructions in the throat. A dry non-productive cough, however, does not serve any useful purpose. When you feel an itchy throat that makes you want to cough, you could obtain medicine to soothe your cough and throat, but many people prefer home remedies to avoid side effects of drugs as well as unneeded expenses. Home remedies provide relief from a cough and itchy throat and may provide other benefits, too.


Try green tea with honey to soothe a dry cough and itchy throat. Aniseed tea also soothes coughs, especially coughs heavily laden with mucus. Aniseed tea tastes like liquorice to please the taste buds while it soothes your cough. Ginger tea with a pinch of pepper and several basil leaves will soothe an itchy throat, too; drink ginger tea hot for best results.

If you do not care for those kinds of tea, cinnamon in regular tea will help soothe a cough and an itchy throat.

Raw Onion

Chop an onion and extract the onion juice. Mix the onion juice with honey in equal proportions and let the mixture sit for a few hours. Use this as a cough syrup and take a teaspoonful two times a day.

Other Home Remedies

Gargle warm water with salt added to it. The warm saltwater soothes the throat and helps ease the coughing conditions.

Try using a humidifier to your bedroom while sleeping. Keeping the room hydrated will help relieve your tickling and itchy throat and help relieve your cough.

Drink warm milk with honey just before going to bed to promote a good night's rest and to relieve the cough and itchy throat.

Add oregano to a cup of water and boil the mixture. Filter the mixture and cool jt to the desired temperature then drink it to lessen a cough and soothe an itchy throat.

Each day, drink a glass of grape juice with a teaspoon of honey added to it. Grapes can act as an expectorant, and so drinking this mixture daily should provide relief for your cough and itchy throat.

Soak almond kernels overnight and remove their skins in the morning. Ground the almonds to a paste and add 5 tsps. each of butter and sugar to the paste. Take this concoction twice each day, in the morning and evening, to help relieve your cough and itchy throat.

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