Pressure Points to Relieve Headache, Neck & Lower Back Pain

Updated February 21, 2017

Having pain in your head, neck or back can be excruciating with no easy way to ease the pain. Conventional medicines, like aspirin or painkillers, can take a while to work properly and help the pain ease. Luckily, there is an alternative school of thought that says pain can be relieved through a series of pressure points in the body. These pressure points, once used, may provide quick relief to a painful area.


A headache can be one of the hardest things to control because there are so many different kinds of pain and locations where pain can occur. Using these pressure points can alleviate headache pain in as little as five minutes. First, gently rub the temples. You should barely touch the skin while doing this; it is mostly a relaxation technique. Move your fingers in a circle at your temple toward your face for 20 to 60 seconds. Next, press firmly on the pressure points on the inside of the eyebrows and massage in a circular motion. Then move your fingers up from the eyes to places on the upper forehead that are more sensitive than the rest and rub there for up to 40 seconds. Finally, move to the centre of the upper forehead and rub there for up to 40 seconds. This should alleviate most headache problems.


Since the neck is between your head and back, it can actually tense up when using pressure points to help the other areas. Chinese medicine offers a solution that will help relieve just neck pain. Between your pointer finger and middle finger is a pressure point which, when pressed on, is supposed to relieve any neck pain you may have. You should press down lightly to start and then continue to put pressure on the spot until there you feel a dull ache around the pressure point. The pain in your neck should begin to go away. Depending on the side of your neck the pain is on, you must use the pressure point on the opposite hand (i.e. left side pain, use the right hand).


There are several areas on your back that can be used to treat pain. If you are feeling lower back pain, place your hands around your waist so that your thumbs are in your back and your palms are at your hip bone. You should feel the muscles surrounding your spine. The first pressure point is right at the outer edge of these muscles, and the second one is halfway between the first pressure point and the spine. For other back pain, try pressing into the crease of your elbow, just below your bicep muscle (you should feel a tender spot) or slightly less than halfway down your forearm from that point. Both of these pressure points should help relax muscles in the back.

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