Ideas for Trellis Vines

Written by j. lang wood
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Ideas for Trellis Vines
Vines climbing on trellis keep the garden looking tidy. (Rain on leaves image by Claire Mackenzie from

Garden trellises strewn with climbing vines make a pleasing effect and help to keep garden areas looking tidy. There are thousands of trellis designs available and they are made of many different materials, from wood to metal to PVC pipe. Garden trellises don't have to be ornate or expensive. Almost anyone can put together a simple trellis with materials from a home improvement or hardware store.

Old Wooden Door or Window Frame

These materials can be found at recycling centres or refuse depots and can create a weathered effect with just a little paint and some distressing. Attach nails at random points along the wood to attach the vines. With a little training, the vines will climb the wood frame, leaving bits of colour among the leaves to add interest to your garden.

Recycled Wrought Iron Gates

Old gates or railings make sturdy trellises for climbing vines and can be propped against an exterior wall and attached with wire and nails. Even rusted metal will make an interesting effect against the green of the vine leaves. You may want to seal the metal with a spray-on clear coat to prevent further rusting.

Metal Obelisk

You can make a wire obelisk yourself using material that purchased at a home improvement store. Four thin metal rods can be cut to desired height with a simple hacksaw and attached together with wire to create an obelisk as tall as needed. Bend shorter pieces with pliers to fit around various points up to the top and attach to the corner pieces so the vines will have structures to climb. Paint whatever colour you like and set into the ground over vine plants. Wind the vines up and around the metal bands as the vines grow. Find plastic ties to attach the vines at the home improvement store or nursery.

Simple Vine Pole

Trellis structures do not have to be intricate or difficult to make. A simple wooden 2-by-4 pole, fixed into the ground, with short side extensions nailed or glued at points along the side will be enough to hold any vine. Then, train the vines to wind up the pole with the side pieces supporting it. Use pressure-treated wood to avoid rotting.

Natural Effects

Save the branches from tree pruning. Cut off smaller side branches and wire the larger branches together to form a shape. A simple triangle shape will do, but you can get creative and shape the branches into a diamond-shape, a circle, or even a heart-shape for the vines to climb. If you don't have any pruned branches from your own yard, you may be able to find suitable downed branches in a undeveloped area.

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