Bridal shower greeting card wording

Written by janet wooldridge | 13/05/2017
Bridal shower greeting card wording
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A bridal shower brings female relatives and friends of the bride together to bestow her ("shower her") with best wishes for a happy marriage and with gifts for her new home. Making your own card or writing a personal note in a pre-made greeting card is one special way to show the bride that you are showering her with love and good intentions. Choose the wording of your greeting card depending upon your relationship with the bride.

From a Parent

The bridal shower card is the proper opportunity to gush about memories of your daughter as a child and the woman she has become. Shower her with love and memories now, as the wedding card should only congratulate the couple. Here are some examples:

  • A Shower of Love for My Daughter: You will always be my child, even as you become a wife.
  • To the Bride From Your Loving Parents: We are so proud of the woman you are and glad to see your joy as you enter your marriage.
  • Best wishes to the beautiful bride. (inside) My/Our little girl.

From Another Relative

If you are a close relative of the bride, you may want to either write a sentimental greeting or introduce some humour into your good wishes.

  • For my ____, I have seen you go through many stages in your life and wish you all the best in this new path in life. (inside) Best wishes with love.
  • I remember when you had pigtails and scraped knees and now you are a beautiful bride. Congratulations and good luck!

From a Friend

Friends of the bride should keep their shower greetings lighthearted. Humour is appropriate here, too, but keep it good-natured. The bridal shower is not the place for personal jealousies or suggestive jokes. Remember, you are showering the bride with love and good wishes.

  • Many blessings to a special friend, the Bride-to-Be. I am so happy for you!
  • Over the years, we have shared our dreams and wishes with each other. Today, I celebrate that your dreams are coming true! Congratulations!
  • We have been through good and bad together, shared laughs and tears, and today I finally get to say...(inside) Whoo-hoo! You're getting married! You go, girl!

From an Acquaintance

If you are a co-worker or a member of the groom's family, and not very close to the bride, perhaps you will want to wish her well with a nice, simple greeting.

  • A Shower of Good Wishes for the Bride-to-Be.
  • Blessings for a Special Bride.
  • As you prepare for your wedding, may you be showered with happiness.
  • I am happy to share your special day with you and wish you the best.

From the Groom's Family

The mother and sisters, as well as other close female members of the groom's family are often invited to the bridal shower. The bridal shower greeting card is a good opportunity to welcome the bride into her new family.

  • To the Bride-to-Be, My New Daughter (or Sister)-in-Law...With Love.
  • A Shower of Welcome to You!
  • Many blessings to our new family member.

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