Viking Theme Birthday Parties for Kids

Scandinavian explorers (Vikings) began to roam the seven seas in the eighth century, and people have been talking about them ever since. There are countless options when hosting a Viking themed party from the food to the games and party favours. With a little creativity your guests will be in Valhalla (If only for a couple of hours).

Food fit for a Viking

Pizza boats are a little messy and therefore a huge hit with the younger set. Use ready made pizza dough, cut into circles with a cup top. Fold in half, seal edges keeping the top open to fill with toppings. Take the leftover dough, roll and press into the sides of the boat to make oars. Bake until brown and bubbly.

Mini helmet sandwiches are a fun conversation piece and a cinch to make. Mini sandwich rolls make the helmet, fill and top with two miniature pickles for the horns. Or use ridged chips placed on the sides of the bun to make winged helmets.

Games Vikings Play

A Dragon Ship race is good for any size group, any age. Split the group equally in two, sit them in a straight line on the ground facing forward. Have them lock legs around the waist of the person in front of them. Their arms are the oars, and they use them as a team to get to the finish line.

Kubb is believed to be an authentic Viking game that involves tossing a stick and knocking down blocks of wood. It can be adapted for any age and is easily assembled with items you find around the house.

Mythological favours

You can have flat rocks or large stones on hand for the kids to paint their own Viking pictographs. With plenty of markers and paint on hand there could be a chance for Thor to rise once again to defeat a giant serpent.

Or have large pieces of poster board on hand, cut in different shapes to make battle shields. The little Vikings can use this medium to do more pictographs or make up their own myths.

With some felt, fabric glue, markers and a little ingenuity your guests can create their own Viking helmet. Whether they prefer the typical horned helmet or Thor's winged headdress it is sure to make a lasting impression.

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