Ideas for a dog themed birthday party

Updated February 21, 2017

A dog-themed birthday party can be fun for all ages, as dog lovers are typically dog lovers for life. Play on the theme with an "in the doghouse" party or a party for someone who "works like a dog." The result will be a fun and memorable dog-themed birthday party.


Decorate with dogs. Stuffed dogs, plastic dogs, dog figurines and items with dog patterns are good options.

Set the table with inexpensive dog bowls with guests' names printed on them. With a rubber stamp and ink pad, stamp paw prints on a plain paper tablecloth.

If the party is for an adult, decorate a doghouse with balloons and signs that say "Happy Birthday to Someone in the Doghouse" or "It's a Doghouse Birthday."

Another option for adults is to make signs that say "Stop working like a dog and PARTY!"


Make dog ears. Set up a craft table and provide guests with felt, fabric glue and headbands to make their own wearable ears.

An option that is appropriate for dog-themed parties for all ages is to have guests bring items to be donated to a local animal shelter. Collect dog food, collars, blankets, brushes and toys and donate them in the name of the guest of honour or his favourite dog.

Play Pin the Tale on the Doggy. If you can't find a game at a party-supply store, create a large image of a dog and cut out paper dog tails.


Have a cake in the shape of a doghouse and attach plastic dogs to it. Serve cookies shaped like dog bones (cookie cutters in the shape of dog bones are available at most kitchen supply stores) and serve hot dogs for the main meal.

Make up buckets of "kibble" using peanuts, popcorn, chocolate chips and granola.

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