How to Recover from a Hemorrhoidectomy

A hemorrhoid is an enlarged vein in your rectum that is often very painful and itchy. If you are prone to getting hemorrhoids regularly, your doctor may recommend a hemorrhoidectomy. He may also advise surgery if you have a prolapsed internal hemorrhoid or an extremely large external one. Recovery from this operation can be difficult but you should heal up within a week.

Get plenty of rest. When you arrive home after surgery, you'll most likely be very tired due to the anesthesia in your system. Take this chance to nap.

Use a "donut" if you need to sit in a chair. This is just a round inflatable pillow with a hole in the middle that allows your body to stay supported without putting pressure on the area post-surgery.

Take stool softeners to help keep your stool soft enough that you can go to the bathroom without pushing. You may choose to use a laxative, just make sure you don't buy one that will give you cramps, as this is very uncomfortable. Ask your pharmacist to make a recommendation.

Have someone help you when you need it. It's hard to move around while recovering from a hemorrhoidectomy and you'll heal faster if you try to stay still. Ask a friend or family member to help you for at least the first day, as you'll need someone to drive you home post-op anyway.

Keep the area clean. You may have stitches holding the incision together; if you have stitches, you can't get them soaking wet because they'll hold bacteria around the wound. If you don't have stitches, it's still not good to get it wet--you need to give the wound time to heal (drying out is part of the healing process). Limit showers and eliminate baths during your recovery, and use a mild antibacterial soap to clean the wound.

Watch out for complications. Report any excessive bleeding, fecal impaction, urine retention and infection to your doctor.


Follow your doctor's post-operative instructions carefully. Your doctor knows best and can direct you as to how to take care of yourself after your hemorrhoidectomy.

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