Where to Sell an Engagement Ring

Updated April 17, 2017

According to Miss Manners, Judith Martin, proper etiquette for a broken engagement deems that the woman should return the ring to the man who presented it to her. If you have found yourself in recent possession of a returned engagement ring, you may wonder where you can sell your ring to recoup some of your losses. Some companies specialise in buying engagement rings directly from the owners.

I Do Now I Don't

The online business I Do Now I Don't specialises in helping people sell their engagement rings over the Internet. You can set up a free account with I Do Now I Don't that allows you to either set a flat fee price for your ring or set up an auction with a reserve price for your ring. You can also choose to sell it to I Do Now I Don't directly.

When someone buys your ring on this website, their money is held in an escrow account until a gemologist receives your ring and verifies its authenticity. Once the ring is verified to be a true diamond, I Do Now I Don't deposits the money into your PayPal account and ships the ring to the buyer.

Out of Your Life

The Out of Your Life company will buy your ring via the United States mail. First you request a free Break-Up Box from the company. Then, once you receive the box, you fill out the item submission form, place your ring into the box, seal it up and send the box to Out of Your Life. The company's appraisers will then examine your ring and send you a check.

If you are not satisfied with the amount that Out of Your Life sends you for your engagement ring, you may notify the company within 10 days and return the check to them. Once they receive your check, they will return your ring to you free of charge.

Out of Your Life also accepts broken rings and rings that are missing stones.

Broken Gold

Broken Gold also will buy your ring through the United States mail. You simply request one of their Broken Gold Kits, seal your ring into their prepaid package and mail it to the company. Broken Gold will appraise your ring upon receiving your package and mail you a check within 24 hours of receiving your ring. If you need the money faster, you can fill out Broken Gold's cash voucher that comes inside of your Broken Gold kit, and the company will direct deposit the money into your bank account the same day they receive your package.

Broken Gold will return your ring if you are not satisfied with the amount it sends you. Call them and return the check within 10 days, and the ring will be shipped back at no cost to you.

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