Planting Freesia Bulbs

Updated April 17, 2017

Spring bulbs, such as freesia, are among the first bright colours of the season. They seem to fill our hearts with the expectation that all is well, as life begins anew once more. Freesias are easy to plant and grow. They're available in a large variety of colours, and the flower's scent is sweet, lovely and unique.

Outdoor Planting

Freesia bulbs are available in garden centres and online from around September through December. Plant them during this time for spring blooming. These flowers like a well-draining soil, which means you want it a bit on the sandy side. If your soil has too much clay, add some compost, peat moss or other organic material. You can tell your soil has too much clay if it does not break apart easily when you squeeze and open your hand.

Plant the freesia bulbs in an area that gets plenty of sunshine for most, if not all, of the day. Place each bulb in a 2-inch hole, spaced about 3 inches apart. Make sure the pointy side of the bulb is facing upwards. Gently cover the bulbs with soil. Thoroughly water them after planting.

Container Planting

Sprinkle the bottom of your container with rocks or gravel, covering the drainage hole at the bottom. This will ensure that the soil doesn't seep out the bottom of the pot, and will keep the water draining well. Pour a sandy-based potting soil into the container. Plant the flower bulbs a bit closer than you would in the ground, about 2 inches apart, in 2 inch deep holes. The pointed side of the bulbs should face upwards. Cover the bulbs with soil and water completely. Move the containers to a sunny area on your deck, patio or in the garden.

Forced Planting

Your freesia bulbs should be planted for forcing, as recommended in the container-planting section, except the spacing may be tightened to 1 inch apart. Forcing a bulb means that you will be "forcing" it to bloom when it normally would not, indoors during the fall or winter months. Forced bulb containers are often seen in stores, meant for gift giving during the holiday season. Place your forced freesia container near the sunniest window in the room. The sunshine and warm temperature of your home will cause the bulbs to bloom. You may need to use small steaks (dowels or wooden skewers) to hold up the talks, as they may not grow with the strength they would have with longer days of sunshine.

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