Unique Ideas for Displaying Photos at a Party

Updated July 20, 2017

If you have a party coming up, you can display photos for your guests as entertainment. While you could just simply pass around photos to guests, it is more exciting to come up with creative ways to display the photos instead. Here are a few unique ways to do that.

Digital Frame

A digital frame is a great way to easily display many photos. Download digital photos from your computer directly onto the memory card that you insert into the photo frame. Choose photos that your guests will enjoy and that will go along with the type of party you are hosting. For example, if it is for a birthday party, choose fun photos of the person having the birthday. Hang the digital frame where you expect most of the guests will see it.


Purchase coasters that contain an insert where you can place your own photos. You can even get them custom-made from online photo sites such as Artscow and Snapfish. Place the coasters around the house. As guests place their drinks down, they will be able to see your photos on display in a unique way.


You can order customised candies from M&Ms with your own photos. You choose the colour, message and picture you want displayed on it. Each bag contains one photo. If you want more than one photo displayed, you'll have to buy as many bags as the different photos you have. Mix them up and place bowls of M&M's around the house, and wait to see their expressions as they find themselves on the candies.


Photo albums and scrapbooks are very personalised and creative ways to share photos with your guests. Place a book on each coffee table and allow guests to flip through the pages as they munch on their food, have a conversation with someone or sit around having drinks. Photo albums are more exciting for guests when they contain photos or stories that include themselves or their family, such as a memory book of a family vacation together.

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