What Men's Jacket to Wear With Khaki Pants

Updated July 20, 2017

Khakis, or chinos, as they are sometimes called, are tan trousers. There are a variety of different khaki trousers styles and they can all be dressed up or down with different jackets.

Navy Blue Blazer

A navy blue, single-breasted blazer is the ideal jacket to wear with khaki trousers. This jacket can dress down khakis during casual days at the office or dress up for a semi-formal event.

Brown Suede Jackets

A brown suede, single-breasted jacket is another option to combine with khakis. This look is a bit tricky because the khaki trousers have to be the right shade so the trousers and jacket colours don't clash.

Bold-Colored Jacket

Bold-coloured jackets, such as red, yellow, green and white, also pair up great with a pair of khaki trousers. These jackets are usually cotton, double-breasted jackets.

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