Decorating ideas for a slanted ceiling

Updated April 17, 2017

Slanted ceilings can be a challenge when decorating. If the exterior of your home has a dormer then the interior often has slanted ceilings. Attic rooms may have such sloped ceilings that there is little usable space. You might not know whether to treat a slanted ceiling as part of the ceiling or wall. Slanted ceilings can add an architectural element to a room.


If a room has several slanted ceilings there might not seem like there is enough space for a bed. Place the bed against the sloped wall. You probably won't have room for a headboard so create a canopy. Start the canopy at the flat part of the ceiling and gather the fabric behind the bed. Place curtains at the side of the bed and top with a valance for a faux canopy. Columns of fabric will also create an illusion of height, making the ceilings feel taller than they actually are.

Furniture Arrangement

If you are worried about people hitting their heads on the sloped ceilings, take the ceilings out of the traffic pattern. Float furniture in the middle of the room. Use a small chandelier or light fixture that doesn't hang down in the middle of the room. Large light fixtures take up valuable walking space in a room with sloped ceilings. Use furniture that is low to the ground, such as a platform bed or window seat.

Storage Space

Slanted ceilings can create a lot of wasted space. The edges of attic rooms often go unused because you can only walk in the centre of the room. Build closets, cupboards, or bookcases into these otherwise unusable areas. This also frees up space in the middle of the room. Built-ins allow short walls to be functional.

Paint Color

You might not know whether to paint the slopes on your ceiling the same colour as your walls or the colour of your ceiling. For a calming space, go for a monochromatic look by painting the ceiling and walls the same colour. This minimises the appearance of the slopes so the ceiling blends in with the rest of the room. If you want an interesting, bright space, use several tones of the same colour. Paint each slope and wall a different shade to highlight the architecture.

Wall Art

Hanging artwork in a room with a slanted ceiling can seem impossible. Skip artwork altogether by replacing it with a bold wall colour. Apply wall stickers directly to the wall for a graphic element. Stickers can be placed only on the slope or extend from floor to ceiling. If you want traditional artwork, suspend it from sturdy chains to bypass the sloped ceiling.

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