Ideal names for a cleaning business

Updated April 17, 2017

A name for a cleaning business should reflect two things: exactly what the business is about, and trust. People are trusting your company to come into their own places of work or homes in order to clean, and sometimes that means working among private things. Creative names can also be cute, catchy and easy to remember.

Research Existing Names

In order to select a great name, you can do some research on other names from other local cleaning businesses. It's a great way to get the ideas running through your head. It also lets you know what names are already taken. Read a few names out of the Yellow Pages, and close the book. Which names can you remember? Which names do you think you would associate with cleaning, even if you didn't already know what the business was?

Word Association

You can often substitute words with synonyms in order to create a new and interesting name. Thus, Cleaning Ladies can transform into Merry Maids, an already established name for a cleaning business. If you're having trouble with selecting a name that goes with the word cleaning, use your thesaurus to find similar words.

Ask Friends and Family

Once you've selected a few names, ask some family members and friends to help you pick the best names. They might all have alternatives they think are creative, and one might be something that would work. For unbiased answers, you can join a business forum online and ask others their thoughts on names.

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