Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tye Coe. I am a hair, makeup and fashion stylist and today we're at BeSu Salon and Day Spa here in New York, and I'm going to show you how to pin up a hairstyle. In pinning up a hairstyle, we're going to section the hair into three sections. Take the section and twist it, add a bobby pin, pinning at the base of the hair into the scalp. It's going to take about six to eight pins to get that first section up. Section two is always going to start behind the ear and we're going to do the same thing in section two with taking the hair and twisting it but first adding a little serum just to smooth it all out. So, we're going to twist section two and we're going to incorporate section two into section one. So, we're going to just take it and incorporate it in with section one and same thing, it's going to need about six or eight bobby pins. The leftover hair from section two we're going to incorporate it into section one. So, you're going to just incorporate it right in. Now we're at section one and in section one you'll notice how I've got to split in like a slight side part so that will add a little style to the pin up. Do the same thing in adding just a little bit of serum to smooth the hair down, make it really nice and pretty and shiny. After our twist we'll pin over to the opposite side and on the other side of section one, same thing, add a little serum for shine and we're going to do the same thing in twisting it and we're going to take this section to the opposite side. After you've gotten your last pin in you're going to go through and really make sure all the flyaways are good and smooth. You don't have anything hanging out, make sure all the bobby pins are tucked away nicely. So we're going to do that with some hairspray, and this is how you pin up a hairstyle.