Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tye Coe. I am a celebrity hair, makeup and fashion stylist. Today, we're at BeSu Salon and Spa here in New York City and I'm going to show you how to do a twisted ponytail braid. To do a twisted ponytail braid, you'll need a light bit of hairspray as well as a brush and two rubber bands. You're going to start by working the hair back into one rubber band so just gathering all the hair. You can decide how high or low you want this ponytail twisted braid to be. We're going to do it about midway up. So, you do your rubber band first. Once you've got your rubber band in place, you want to smooth away all flyaways with a bit of hairspray, nice and smooth and pretty, brush through the area that we're going to create the ponytail twisted braid. So you're going to split the hair in half and then begin twisting. Make sure you twist all the way to the very end and once you get to a point where you can't twist on top of each other, the hair on top of each other anymore, just begin twisting the actual hair itself. And then once you get to the end, you're just going to add your rubber band so that it stays. You want to wrap the rubber band several times, as many times as you can and finish with a light bit of hairspray and this is how you create a twisted ponytail braid.