Video transcription

Hi, I'm Robert Slick from A-1 Carpet Man in Salt Lake. I'm going to show you how to rip out the old existing carpet. Okay, to rip out carpet, you're going to probably need a pair of pliers. You're going to need a scraper and you're going to need a pry bar. You take the pliers and you grab the end of the carpet and you pull it out. And then to remove the pad in a wood floor, you've got them all tacked down. Okay, you're going to need a scraper to know out the staples that's in the ground there and that will remove your pad. We're going to remove the tack here because some of this tack is bad so we remove the tack with a pry bar. Okay, we just removed the old tack. Now, you've got to be really careful with this stuff because it's got little spikes in it. It's going to hurt your fingers. Again, I'm Robert. I just showed you how to rip out your old carpet.