Video transcription

Hi, my name is Rose Keppler Moridian of Delicious Gardens, and I'm here to demonstrate to you various organic methods of pest control in the vegetable garden. Today, we have Spinosad, which is a type of naturally-occurring bacteria that goes into the digestive tract of certain bugs, caterpillars especially, cabbage butterflies and it kills them from the inside out but it's a natural organic organism. We'll be watering that in and then we have iron phosphate basically is what this is. This is just simply iron phosphate that kills snails and slugs and the next is diatomaceous Earth. This is a very fine powder that scrapes the bellies of any insect that crosses over it including earwigs. So our first will be Spinosad. Spinosad works for lawns, vegetables, outdoor ornamentals, apples, citrus and stone fruit as well as vegetables and it's for the control of foliage feeding worms. Caterpillars, thrips, fire ants and other pests. I have about a gallon of water in here and I'm going to put a cap full of Spinosad into here. It's completely nontoxic so I'm not worried about using gloves. I'll mix it in and now I'm going to simply water it on the leave on the foliage of my plants so that the worms will eat it and die. It does have a residual effect so it will stay on after a rain. If you happen to notice a white butterfly in your garden, then you know that that's the one that lays the eggs that eats the vegetables. Our next product, iron phosphate is the main ingredient here. Snails and slugs have an allergic reaction to iron phosphate and I throw it throughout the garden because snails and slugs can live on leaves of plants. Then we have other pests in the garden and I use the diatomaceous Earth for that. Diatomaceious Earth is for ants and crawling insects. It's a very fine powder. I would suggest wearing a mask especially on a windy day. What you want to do is put this around the perimeter of your garden and around the plants, between these three products you should have a pest free garden. So thank you for joining me. I'm Rose Keppler Moridian of Delicious Gardens, and we have demonstrated how to keep pests out of your garden. Thank you.