Video transcription

Hi, I'm Andrew Denny with Textures Flooring in Nashville, Tennessee. Joining me today, is Michael Machen with Machen's Floor Covering Specialist. Today, we're going to show you how to repair a puncture in your vinyl flooring. So, the first thing you want to do, is find a piece of scrap vinyl that will match the pattern. To replace where the puncture has occurred. Next, what you'll do, is you'll tape the pattern, about an inch off, of where you'll make the replacement cut. So that there's no flexing in the vinyl. This will ensure for a good, clean cut. Next, what you'll do is, you'll set the pattern overlapping the top, and match the pattern exactly. Because what you're going to do is, a double cut. You can remove the tap to make sure the pattern is correctly aligned. Now you'll re-tape, to ensure that the overlapping piece stays in place. Continue taping to make sure that the overlapping piece of vinyl is held securely in place. Now, what you'll need, is a straight edge to help guide your cutting, and a sharp blade. Use your straight edge to line up the pattern and to guide your cuts. We'll be making the cut on the grout line, cutting through both pieces. Now, remove the cut, trim to make sure there's no tears. And set this in to make sure it fits. Now, you can remove the tape. The material was a good fit. So, now what you want to do is, apply some adhesive, use a vinyl flooring adhesive. If the sub floor has been damaged, then you want to fill it until it's smooth. Make sure you use the proper notch on the trail, according to the adhesive instructions. Make sure you lift up to adhere, about an inch behind the replacement piece. if there is excessive adhesive under, where you've removed your old piece of vinyl. Remember to clear that and clean it with a straight edge, before you apply new adhesive. Next, apply weight with a roller, and roll the vinyl to ensure a nice, tight fit. Remove any excess glue coming through the cracks, with your fingers and then, a wet rag. Next, you'll seal the seams using a seam sealer for vinyl flooring. Try to keep foot traffic off, of this for several hours. Thank you for joining us today, I'm Andrew Denny with Textures Flooring. For more information, please view A special thanks to Mike Machen with Machen's Floor Specialist.