Video transcription

Hello everyone, my name is Earamicha with And today, I'm going to show you how to join yarn while you are knitting. Now when you are knitting your project and you are running out of yarn a great way to ensure that you have enough to finish your row is that the yarn should be at least three times the length of your project. So, here I have a piece that I started so here we have a stock and a stitch. And so I made it to the end of my purl row and I'm turning around. And you want to make sure that the remaining yarn is three times the width and then you can proceed and you would be able to knit another row with what was remaining. But for here I'm going to show you how to attach and join the yarn on your piece. So, I'm going to use a blue so you can see it better. You would take your end, you would make a knot and push it up close. And then these pieces here and the piece that you snip off you can weave in later. And then take your needle and now you have your new yarn and you would proceed to knit the first stitch. Just as you would if you were working with the old yarn. And then by the time you got to your fifth stitch if you wanted to at this point you could weave in your edges there. As you see here weave them in. And you would just continue knitting across the row with your new yarn. And that is how you would join yarn while knitting. My name is Earamichia, if you have any questions please feel free to reach me at