Video transcription

Hi I'm Bob Waers, and we are here at You Health Center in Orlando, Florida, and we are going to take a look at some of the basic yang movements. We are going to begin with a set of movements called grasping birds tail. And they begin by catching tai chi, turning a short step, shifting, turning into pong, changing, nu, which is a pulling and guiding and deflecting to the outside. Chi, which is a press. On, which is open, roll back, press down, lift, and push. Next is single whip. Turn, this hand circles around, the left one catches tai chi, comes up, opens, turn, single whip. From single whip we can shift back, capture, step, establish root, shift, turn, brush the knee, and apply. Another very, very good move, which opens meridians is parting the wild horses mane. From catching tai chi, shift changing the catch slightly, and open the body. A nice flowing movement. And come back, and repeat the sequence by catching tai chi, stepping out, shifting, turn, grasping birds tail, which is a four part movement. And these are some of the basic movements of the yang style tai chi. Open, roll back, press down, lift, and push, turn, single whip. Some of the basic tai chi movements of the yang style.