Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dana Tucker with Bella-Tucker Decorative Finishes, and today I'm going to talk to you about kitchen cabinet faux painting ideas. Probably the number one question that I get asked is can you paint melamine cabinets or the plastic cabinets, you know, the cabinets that are white and plasticy is probably the best way to explain them and my answer to you is yes. There are lots of great products out on the market that make it possible to paint those cabinets and actually these cabinets behind you are the plastic white melamine or they used to be. They have been treated with a faux finish which is a tobacco stained glaze and a glaze is the most common request that we get from people when they ask about faux finishing their cabinets and it's also something that you can do at home, lots of great do it yourself products on the market and what you want to make sure if you're doing it at home, number one is you need to thoroughly clean and degrease your cabinets before you try to move on to the next step. If you apply a really good primer, you won't need to sand them. So I'll leave that up to you. If you'd rather sand it or if you'd really buy a nice commercial grade primer. After that the next step would be to apply your base color, whatever color that you want to use. Let that dry, apply your glaze in you know, any kind of fashion that you want. This is kind of a heavy glaze because we were going for a heavier tobacco stain look and then after that dries you want to make sure that you seal it with a really nice topcoat or a polyurethane, a non-yellowing polyurethane and painting your cabinets is a huge, huge undertaking so think twice before you get started down that road, make sure you mark all your cabinet doors so you know where to replace them and make sure that you keep track of your hardware because that could cause you a lot of heartache in the end if you don't do that. So for more ideas on kitchen cabinet faux painting ideas, log on to our website at