Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rebecca, the Art Lady, and we are going to make some astronaut crafts. To make these astronaut crafts, what you are going to need is some tape, a medium size brown paper bag, a paper plate, some star stickers, scissors, duct tape, and two soda bottles. Okay, the first step to making your astronaut helmet I'm going trim the bag. And this is a good size for, you know, about two to five year olds. I'm going to take the paper plate I'm going to fold it in half. I'm going to go ahead and cut around the ring. I'm going to take the bag and I'm going to go ahead and trace. I'm going to cut the hole and the best way to cut circles is just to start in the middle and make a slice and then to cut outwards. After cutting out your face hole what we are going to do is fold the top of it. And we are going to make a flag out of tape and stars. And after you have your flag go ahead and flip your bag, your helmet back over and we are going to glue on the plate. And to enhance your astronaut helmet what we are going to do is make some air tanks out of soda bottles. I have taped these two soda bottles together using duct tape going all the way around on two rings. And to make the straps all I did was fold some strips of duct tape in half and tape them to the back of the bottle. And that's how you make some fun stylish astronaut crafts.