Video transcription

Hello, my name is Jeff Robinson, executive chef for Twin Power Catering Service. Today we're going to talk about how to fry zucchini. First of all depending on how you cut your zucchini, whether you cut it in shoestrings or cut it in sticks or cut it in slices, today we're going to do two different ways. We're going to cut it in sticks and we're going to do what we call a shoestring zucchini or shredded zucchini or julienne zucchini. Today we're going to take the zucchini. I'm going to put on me a pair of gloves here because we're actually going to dip it in flour and you don't need a batter or nothing like that because we don't want to take away from the zucchini. We don't want to add egg batter and all that stuff but what we do want to do is add a little seasoning and a little oil. So what I'm doing is just drizzling some oils, something like some olive oil, some pomenade olive oil or something like that or some salad or whatever your desire might be, salt and pepper, just a little bit, toss it up a little bit. Okay we don't want it drenched in oil or nothing like that but then we're going to take our flour which we have here, take the flour, add it to the zucchini, okay, kind of shake that up like that. Then what I'm going to do, take my zucchini that's in there, add it to my basket. If you don't have a fry basket at the house you can always do this in a skillet or something like that at the house but you've got to be very cautious. You've got to watch it because zucchini takes only seconds to cook and you don't want to burn it and the longer you keep it in the fryer, the more moist it's going to become because zucchini holds a lot of water. Shake that up like that. Okay then I'm going to drop it in the fryer. You notice I've got the fryer setting at 350 degrees. I'm going to watch it. You don't have to do all that shaking and baking or none of that kind of stuff. You just want to kind of let it do it's thing and probably under about 20 or 30 seconds because you don't want it to, again you don't want it to get real moist and over cook and that's the first thing it's going to do is over cook itself. Again it's a shoestring zucchini so it's going to cook very very quickly and now we're at about 25 seconds, get another 5 more seconds and then upsy daisy we're going to come up with it. Now, give it a little shake, excess grease and take the zucchini. As you can see, I have flakes of zucchini there, got some bigger pieces of zucchini in there as well but this is what you're looking for on how to fry the zucchini. Again this is how you fry zucchini.