Video transcription

Hi my name is Robert Herdan. And today I'm going to show you how to install a weatherproof outdoor socket. All we are going to need is a screwdriver flathead, a Phillips head, and a cordless drill if you have one. Okay so now we are going to get started on installing in our outdoor socket. It's a GFI, I have this one here. And now we have already tested our wires and made sure the power is off. You always want to make sure the power is off before you do any kind of electrical installation. So now that our power is off I'm going to start by connecting our black wire first. And or black wire in this case is what they call a neutral and we get that secured. Now we are going to attach our white wire to the other side of our outdoor socket. Okay that looks good. Okay you want to maybe test to make sure that they're on there really good. Now I'm going to use our ground wire for our final attachment. This particular case this ground wire is not green it's just a copper wire. If it's not green and you just have a plain copper wire you will know that that is your ground wire. And you always especially the outside you want to make sure you have a ground and it's properly attached. Okay so now we'll go ahead and push our wires back into our box. And you want to make sure you shove that in there and get it nice and tight before you actually put the screws in and then you can release. Okay so we'll take our screw here and put that in our box. There we go. Our outdoor socket cover here is one that looks like this and you'll get a pad like this. And this is what is going to weatherproof this. So we'll go ahead and put that on. And then we'll take our outdoor cover and then what you'll want to do is open that up. And go ahead and screw this part in. And then we want to get our top screw started before we tighten our bottom one. It's cause it will make this a little bit easier when we are done. Okay now we got our bottom screw tight all the way. We got our top screw tight. And we are good to go. I'm Robert Herdan owner of West Oaks Tile and we have just installed our weatherproof outdoor socket.