Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of And in this video, I'm going to be talking to you about massage for lymphedema. Lymphedema is the accumulation of lymph fluid underneath the skin and the lymph channels. And this can happen from a variety of reasons. It could be from post surgery, traumatic injury, just accumulation of fluids from poor diet or something more serious like kidney failure or congestive heart failure. So, if there are some more serious and diseases going on in the body, you want to make sure that they're not contraindicated for massage. Typically, a person would be going to a certified lymphatic drainage massage therapist. They're trained specifically in working on this condition. You'll see most of it in someone's leg, by their ankle. A lot of pregnant women get lymphedema that's temporary. As long as it's not pitting edema. Pitting edema is when you press into the area that's swollen and you lift your hand and there's a pit there that slowly fills up. That you definitely want to refer out to one of their medical profession, professionals. Basically, a lymphatic massage therapist would start a blob, above and below the area of the swelling. They're going to move the fluid towards, something called the watershed where it is a concentration of lymph glands that will help drain the fluid out of the body. And it's a very soft massage, really, hardly any pressure because the lymph glands and nodes, are right underneath the skin. So, it's a very small movement and like a half circle. It's like a, a half moon that goes out, so counterclockwise or clockwise, anywhere towards a watershed. There are some underneath the knee as well. So, they're going to do this motion which is kind of like a pick up and move in a half circle above the area of the swelling. And then below also, very slight, slow movements; moving all the fluids that's accumulated to this watersheds. And then again, they might wrap the area if there's some severe swelling. This allows whatever they did during their session to work as a person is going home until their next session. So, if you need to find a lymphatic drainage massage therapist, you can go to; find someone in your area specifically trained in this. And that is massage for lymphedema. My name is Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist, and if you need anymore information on massage and wellness, you can go to my website Thanks, and be well.