Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Palmer. In this segment, I'm going to show you how to use a plug cutter. Once you've countersunk your screws, you can take a plug cutter and cut wood from the exact same type of wood that you're working in, cut plugs that will fill those holes almost seamlessly. To use the plug cutter, you install it in your drill press and place the piece of wood you want to cut the plug from underneath it. Go ahead and turn the press on and cut the plug the same way you'd bore a hole. Now that your plug is cut, what you want to do is put a nice, healthy layer of glue in the hole and on your plug, and remember this hole is already countersunk and your screw is in place. Now you're going to insert the plug into the hole, and take the time to align the grain of the plug with the grain of your work, and that will make it really blend in nicely. Now you can let the glue dry a little bit, and then come back with your flush cut saw, cut the plug off and sand it clean, and you'll have a great, matching plug. My name is Chris Palmer. That's how you use a plug cutter.