Video transcription

Hi, I'm Chris Palmer. Today, we're going to talk about how to patch a small hole in the ceiling. For a small hole in your ceiling, say smaller than a half inch, you just need a little bit of a joint compound and a taping knife. Using some all-purpose joint compound on a six-inch taping knife, I'm just going to press it into the hole and give it a nice swipe to smooth it out. If it gets much bigger than that, you might want to use a piece of tape on the ceiling before you apply your joint compound. Here's some self-adhesive mesh wallboard tape. You can tear it by ripping it against the edge of your taping knife. All you have to do is cover the hole you want to patch. Notice, I use three pieces and overlap each one a little bit and then, over that, you get the joint compound. All of these things will need to be sanded when they're dry and it's really a good idea to do two or three coats until you get it nice and smooth. Thanks for watching, I'm Chris Palmer. That's how you patch a hole in your ceiling.