Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert for Gold's Gym, creator of the Perfect Ten workout. And I'm going to show you some tantric exercises in yoga. We're going to go ahead and lay down on our mat, slowly roll down with your feet pressed together, the soles of your feet, open up your knees nice and wide and gently just open up like butterfly your knees open. Little pulses, opening up. Breathe deep. Don't hold your breath. Visualize energy going into your sexual organs. Breathe deep into your body as you do little butterfly pulses with your knees. Then bring your knees in together, press up into bridge. Squeezing your buttocks tight, keeping your body in a nice, diagonal line. With your neck stretched out. Breathe deep. Focusing the energy into your sexual organs. Breathe. Lower down slowly, pressing your lower back into the mat. Bring the soles of your feet together again. Knees apart. Reach with your hands on the outside of your feet, bringing your head up towards your toes. Breathe into your body. Gently if you want, you can roll up sitting and press your knees down, butterflying them towards the floor. Lifting up nice and tall. And then eventually press your knees down without butterflying, lifting your spine, chin comes down, neck is in a nice, long stretched line. Breathe into your body. I'm Amy Newman, and those are tantric exercises in yoga.