Video transcription

Hi, this is Chris Palmer from Chris' Workshop. Today, we're going to learn how to tape seams in drywall using mesh tape and drywall mud. Anytime you have seams in your drywall that you just put up, we need to cover those seams with drywall tape and then, cover that with joint compound or drywall mud. The, this is the tape we're going to use; it's just a mesh tape with a little bit of a sticky surface. So, you put it on your wall and it stays in place. Joint compound is essentially the same product as the drywall itself without the paper facing and it's just in a liquid like paste form. So, the first thing you want to do is cover your seams with the tape. Put the seam right down in the center of the tape and you can actually just tear the tape by putting your, your joint compound knife against the wall and you can just tear the tape away like that. Cover all four seams nicely. Then, what you want to do is take your drywall mud and make a nice thick layer. Get it as smooth as you can. Remember, the first layer is just a taping layer. You're going to come back and smooth it later, but it get the best you can and use your, your knife to feather the mud out into the wall to make a nice gradual seam. My name is Chris Palmer. Thanks for joining me. That's how you tape seams in drywall.