Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to re-grout a bathtub. In your bathroom, where the tile meets the tub, there's a grout joint there. In some situations, it'll either be grout, or it'll be a bath and tub and tile caulking. What you want to do is, you just want to kind of poke around and see if it's pliable or not. If it's pliable, then it's going to be a caulking sealant. But, if it is grout, basically, want to take this kind of a tool, something very pointy and sharp, and just get in there. You just want to get in there, and just scrape it all out. And, the reason we're doing this is because over time, as water sits on a tub, it just gets in there, and the water just starts deteriorating the grout. We're just going to take a small section right here, and just peel that away. Be careful not to scrape your tub or scratch your tub. You want to keep a bucket around with a sponge in it to kind of clean up as you go. Pretty much just get it all out, get all the loose debris away as much as you can, because you don't want that loose stuff getting mixed in with the new grout. Come around the corner, taking it all out, whatever is needed. Just get it all cleaned out. Basically, you just want to take it all the way around the tub, wherever the tile meets the tub. Once you're all done with the grout, the removal of the grout, we got our pre-mixed grout right here, and I have yet to be able to find a tool that actually gets in there better than your index finger. You want to get the consistency of your grout to be something similar to, like, toothpaste, and you just want to finger it in, just finger in right in there. There's really, like I said, no tool that I have found that does better than a finger. Just keep fingering it in there, and get it in all the areas, and make sure you smush it back in there. Just don't want to have any voids behind it. Finger it in, just finger it in there. And then, you just want to, you know, clean your finger off if you feel the need to. Again, your wet sponge right there on the corner, takes a couple of times. Just want to clean it all out, get all that excess grout out of there. It's a little time consuming. You could even wet your finger, just run it across there. You use the sponge to wipe your finger off. And, that's pretty much how you do it, nothing to it.