Video transcription

Hello, I'm Coreen from Shakes Bakes. And today, we're going to be freezing eggplant. This is going to require a eggplant, which you already see here, it's cut up. Some hot water - again, with lemon juice added to that. And, an ice bath right here. We're going to take our sliced eggplant, and we're going to submerge it in the boiling water. As soon as I cook it for seven to nine minutes, I'm going to shock it in my ice bath, okay? So, at this point, it's ready to drop and shock. Go ahead and get this out., this pot really quick. Get this into my ice water, and shock this eggplant. Let that sit in there about three minutes. So, I'm just laying them out so that they can drain on a paper towel. Drain for about, maybe, 30 minutes. And, you know how you know the eggplant is cooked? It's nice and translucent. Do you see how you can kind of see through the eggplant? Nice and translucent. So, after 30 or so minutes, and a couple more layers of paper towel, this is nice and dry. I'm going to pull these off. It's looking good, looking good, sopped up a lot of this stuff. Those paper towels are drenched. Now, I don't know what container you choose to freeze your eggplant in, but I'm just going to use a simple Ziploc freezer bag. Now, I'm just going to start loading them in, and they go right into the freezer from here, real simple. And, just load them in, just like that. It's nice and tender, not too overcooked, it's just perfect. Okay, right now, going to seal it, and press down to get out the little bit of air in this corner. Looks like we're all done, ready to pop it in the freezer. And, that's how you freeze eggplant.