Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you Yoga poses that cure constipation. So, you may get bound up inside in your intestines, and so what we need to do is we need to create movement down in that area. So, first, what we're going to do is we want to focus on our breath. So, we're going to do a technique called fire breathing. In fire breathing, you're inhaling and exhaling through your nose, but you're performing that forcefully and quickly. So, when you inhale, make sure that you're filling your belly with breath. So, it sounds and looks a little like this. "Hmmmm", "Hhh", hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh". And you can perform that fire breathing for about thirty seconds and take a rest and then, you can perform that about three sets. Another exercise we can perform are pelvic tilts. So, we simply sit up nice and tall and inhale, "Hmmm", and exhale, tilt the pelvis under and draw the belly in as we exhale and then, inhale as we sit up nice and tall. "Hmmm", and exhale as we come down, round the back as we do a pelvic tilt and sit up nice and tall. And I like to close my eyes as I'm performing poses in Yoga because it really helps me to connect to what's going on in the body. And so, that is one that we can perform. Another pose that we can perform is the Cat Cow Pose. So, come over to your hands and your knees. Your hands are directly underneath your shoulders; your knees are under your hips in neutral position. You're going to be lengthening out through the crown of the head all the way down to the tail bone. So, we begin by inhaling, "Hmmm", and then exhale, draw the tail bone under, the chin goes under towards the chest and really elevate through the Cat stretch. And then, arch the back and lengthen out through the tail bone towards the ceiling and lengthen through the crown of the head. And as you exhale, go back to that Cat Pose and inhale into Cow. So, we're performing one movement one breath. And you can perform about ten reps. The next exercise involves coming down onto your back. So, we're going to perform the Bridge. So, come down on your back. Place your feet firmly on the floor about hip width apart. Start with your tail bone and we're going to roll up one vertebrae at a time. Inhale to prepare, "Hmmm", exhale, peel up slowly one vertebrae at a time, pressing those hips up towards the ceiling. Again, if you want to close your eyes and visualize the action and what's occurring in your body, it just helps you to connect a little more. And inhale, "Hmmm", exhale, roll up. Again, it's all about what you're feeling internally. It's not about what's happening on the outside of the walls of where you're practicing. So, you want to make sure that you're drooling yourself internally, feeling the motion and we're really massaging those internal organs, we're creating movement and that will help to release the constipation. And those were some great Yoga poses to help cure constipation. I'm CarolAnn for