Video transcription

Hi, I'm Matt, with Gardens of Babylon, here today to show you how to pot up and care for an orchid. A lot of times, we get customers always kind of complaining about keeping their orchids going and healthy and alive and really there's not really much to them. You've just got to just know some of the basics and in the world of orchids they can really be easy as long as you have the right area in your home for them. A lot of times people will put them in too much of a shady location and they just don't do all that well. So really I'd say the number one thing with orchid care and growing is find a bright part of your house, preferably near a window but it doesn't have to be in direct sunlight. You really just want direct sunlight coming through this window but it doesn't have to always land on the orchid, just in a very bright room is key for most happy orchids. So, for potting up orchids today, you can usually pick up orchid soil at most garden centers. It will just be a really barky, well-drained mix. I'll usually start with that in the orchid pot. I'll usually mix a little bit of a slow release organic fertilizer, granular, as per the directions up in the potting mix and then pretty much just slowly extract the orchid from its plastic grower's pot, drop, kind of mix it in, the existing potting soil in and just try to match the same top of the soil line as it was found in the plastic grower's pot into your new pot that you're mixing up. Once you get it steadied, you just go ahead and fill around the base of the plant. It's always good to add a little bit extra and then just kind of press firmly to try to get as many air pockets out and just make a good tight compact root soil around the root ball of the orchid there, and again, you kind of just want to leave the crown of the plant sticking about a quarter of an inch from the soil line. Sometimes orchid growers can plant this crown of this plant too deep into that pot there, and that can lead to a crown rot just by being over watered. Orchids just really like good drainage and you just want to avoid having water stand around the crown of that plant. Other than that, pack it down firmly, leave a little space on the top of that pot for your watering and you're good to go. But that's really about it. Like I said, just watch your watering, good sunlight and potting up when it becomes really root bound and you'll have a lot of success with your orchids. Once again, this is Matt with Gardens of Babylon. Get growing.