Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tylor, with Airworx Heating and Cooling out of Salt Lake City, Utah. What I'd like to talk to you about today, for a brief minute, is how to check and replace your fuses on your air conditioner. Now, this is called the disconnect, you're going to pull the, pull the disconnect out, like I've done there, and you see that there's two fuses clipped into that. Okay, there's a couple different ways that you can, you can test your fuses. The first one is, obviously, to look and see if anything's burnt on it or it's, it's obviously, you know, burned up. The other way is to get a standard volt meter and turn that to the called annuity test setting, which is going to be the setting with the little plus and minus on it. Now, you can, you can remove the fuse or leave it in the, in the disconnect; either way, it's okay. You can just set it here; take your VITS to your meter and just touch the ends of the fuse. Now, if you hear that noise, that's a good sign. That means that your fuse is, is still okay. If you don't hear the noise, if you don't hear the, the contact being made, then, that means your fuse is bad. This is a standard time delay fuse. You can pick these up at any Home Depot or heating and air conditioning supply house. What you're going to want to do then is flick it back into the, the connect like that. Some of your disconnects will have the fuses inside the disconnect. But, it will be the same type of setup where the fuse actually just clips right in there. When you put it back into the disconnect, you want to make sure that you're putting it the right way. If your disconnect's this style, it has to go in a certain way; otherwise, you won't have power. So, putting it in this way, you can see that right here it says on; maybe you can see that. Otherwise, you can flip it over and now it says off; so, you're not getting any power. And I'm Tylor with Airwox Heating and Cooling, and this has been a quick tip on fuses and disconnects.