Video transcription

Do you know what action to take if your carbon monoxide CO detector goes into the activation mode and emits a beeping or chirping sound? Hi, I'm Chief Joe Bruni. CO detectors operate much like smoke alarms or smoke detectors. Unlike smoke that can be seen, carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless. The symptoms will include mild to severe headache and nausea, and even unconsciousness when the parts per million become very high. The only way to effectively know if you have a higher level of carbon monoxide present in the dwelling is by the use of a carbon monoxide or CO detector. If the CO detector goes into the alarm mode and starts to beep, press the test reset button and leave the residence immediately. Then, notify your emergency response or emergency services department such as the fire department to respond to check out to see if you do indeed have a high level of carbon monoxide. There will be no way for you to detect it or know because it is odorless and tasteless as a gas. The only way to detect it is by the use of metering devices from your emergency response department. I'm Chief Joe Bruni. Stay safe.