Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. You know, one of the biggest problem with tomatoes is the cutworm. The cutworm like to get around the base of the stalk of your little tomato, and then it fills it like you would a tree. If you take a cup and you cut it and take the little ring off the top, you can take this little ring and place it around your tomato plant, and it will have the effect of kind of keeping that cutworm away. If you don't want to do that much work, you can even get a little toothpick. Take the toothpicks and put them right next to the stem of the plants. The little cutworm likes to crawl around the stem. And if you interfere with that, well, you're kind of raining on his parade. He can't cut down your plant if you put this right next to the stem, you kind of protect that little plant from being the little cutworm's supper. Cutworms are a major problem with tomato plants, especially little young and tender ones. Once the plant gets bigger, well, they don't have the energy to really fill it like they would when it's just a little small seedling. So, protect those small seedlings either with a paper cup or you take a little piece of aluminum or use the toothpick and that should give you pretty good protection. For ask,, I'm Stan DeFreitas.