Video transcription

Hi, I'm Skye Blue, with Skye Blue Can Sew. In this segment, we are going to be mending a hole in fabric. For this example, I am mending a hole in a pair of child's leggings. I have cut a fabric that is similar in color, and a similar type of fabric, to the leggings. I'm going to cut the patch slightly larger than the hole, and pin it on. I make sure that the pins are put in perpendicular to the edge of the patch. Now, I'm going to stitch it on. As I stitch on, I will be using a zigzag stitch along the edge of the patch. I make sure to remove the pins before I sew over them, because that may damage my machine. And, I remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of my patch. As I reach the corner, I put the needle into the fabric, raise the presser foot, and pivot the patch and leggings. I backstitch at the end, and that is how you mend a hole in fabric.