Video transcription

A pashmina is a great accessory to keep you warm in the cooler months. I'm Kelly Machbitz, your Tampa Bay fashion expert, and I'm going to show you how to tie a pashmina scarf. The first look, we're going to drape the pashmina over the shoulders and we're going to tie it in a loose knot in the front, beautiful. For our second look, we're going to take one end of the pashmina, make it slightly longer than the other, and we're going to drape it up and over the shoulder. Now, we can dress this look up too by using a beautiful brooch and placing it right here at the shoulder, that's a wonderful fashion look. And the third way is what I call a secret tie, because this will keep your pashmina in place over your shoulders; we're going to pull the ends around the back and we're going to tie a small knot here, and that will keep your pashmina on all night, and nobody will know how you're doing it. And that's how you tie a pashmina scarf. I'm Kelly Machbitz, your Tampa Bay fashion expert.