Video transcription

Hi, my name is Giulliano Prieto, a general engineering contractor with Prieto Engineering in Los Angeles. And today, I will show you how to drill into concrete. The materials that you will need to drill into concrete, are a hammer drill, a concrete drill bit, and tape that will stick to a metal drill bit. The first thing that you will need to do is locate the area that you will drill. I have indicated it right here as an area with a cross hair. Today I will demonstrate drilling into concrete utilizing a three quarter inch concrete drill bit, made by Hilti. I'll be using a Hilti hammer drill, and the connection in the hammer drill will be called an SDS Max connection. So, now I'm going to insert the drill bit into the hammer drill. Pull back the locking mechanism, insert the drill bit, and rotate until it drops into place. Once it has gone into place, let go of the locking mechanism, and test the drill bit to ensure that it is locked into place and that there will not be any safety issues. The next thing that I'm going to do is use a little trick that I learned from one of my guys. And what he does is, based on the depth that he will measure, he takes the tape measure, measures the drill bit to the depth indicated. Today, we will go down three inches. I'll take a pencil, and mark the drill bit about three inches in. Once you have a piece of tape cut out, find the location marked previous, put your tape around and go all the way around, making sure that you do not go below the indicated dimension. Squeeze it around the drill, and now you're ready to drill. The last step prior to drilling is you want to place the tip of the drill at the center of the cross hairs. Once you have that in place, then you're ready to drill as such. Alright. Once the tape has hit the surface, now you know that you've achieved your specified dimension. My name is Giulliano Prieto with Prieto Engineering. And I thank you for watching my video on how to drill into concrete.