Video transcription

Hi, my name is Bob Linde. I'm an Acupuncture Physician and Registered Herbalist in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how to use acupuncture for low back pain. So, once we've already assessed the patient and figured out as to why they're getting back pain, we can go ahead and select some of the points. So, I've selected a few of the points that are generally use by qualified acupuncture physician to approach some low back pain. So, every physician might take some different approaches and use points and various other locations such as the arms and legs; but, we're going to look at some easy ones here. We're going to use urinary bladder 23 as well as Ren 4 right in the center there. So, once we've gone ahead and swab and sterilized and we've already sterilized our hands, we can go ahead and select some single-use needles that every acupuncture should be utilizing. And we'll go ahead and locate those points and gently place the needles in as it's appropriate. So, this one is urinary 23 and is great for strengthening the kidney energy as well as for low back pain and actually sexual function, it's excellent choice for both men and women actually. So, we'll hit that on both sides and most of the acupuncture points that are on the organ meridians are on both sides of the body. And some acupuncturists like to use guide tubes and some actually freehand. I find it's a little bit more pain free doing it with the guide tubes. But, it's also up to the preference of the practitioner as well as oftentimes the skill of the practitioner. Some people have been trained specifically by freehand. And then, this one is the Ren point right in the center of the back which is a wonderful point, again, for strengthening the low back as well as helping with low back pain and helping with longevity, the strength of digestion and actually the center, a sexual energy of both men and women. So, in order to help with low back pain, whether it's chronic or acute, locate your local acupuncturist who is well-trained. A great source for that is through NCCAOM. They list all the licensed acupuncture physician in the country and go ahead and set up an appointment to have them ascertain not only your chronic problems of low back pain; but, they'll actually do an assessment of your overall health and using acupuncture, herbs, massage and diet and exercise they can come across. It's a great way to create overall excellent health, longevity and also take care of all of both the internal injury kind of problems as well as internal medicine. So, locate your local acupuncturist and make your appointment today. This is Bob Linde in St. Petersburg. Now, please enjoy your acupuncture.