Video transcription

Hi, my name is Mark Newman-Kuzel. I'm President and CEO of Maid in the U.S.A., and today I'm going to teach you how to remove rust from a porcelain tile. You'll need two products, a calcium lime rust remover that i have premixed in my bottle here and a soft sponge with scruffy reverse. You can feel free to use the scruffy reverse or the sponge. What I'm going to do is just get my sponge a little damp here, spray some of my mixture onto the porcelain tile. I'm going to move it into or above the sink, so if any rust or yucky water gets in there, I'm going to put some elbow grease into that, rub real hard and look, wow. I've got some good elbow grease going, so it came right out. Rinse that, and that is how you remove rust from a porcelain tile. I'm Mark Newman-Kuzel with Maid in the U.S.A.