Video transcription

Hello, I'm Mike Rhodes, Wilmington, North Carolina and House Pro here; give you a few ten pin bowling tips today. For this clip, you will need a bowling ball, bowling shoes and bowling lanes. One of the things that stunned me is I drilled for a guy last week and he said he average 230 on a house, but he said it was all muzzle memory and he was very used to it and acclimate to throwing on a house shot that was basically adult bumper bowling. Well, you can get away with that and some shots if you plan to take your game to the next level. There's a few things you need to learn if you have it already. And it's, the first thing that you need to work on is your targeting especially when you start to learn to throw a hook. Most people like to start out with the arrows and that's what I teach is that secondary from the gutter, free to the right hand or left hand or depending who I'm teaching because that's usually where your all at is for either side in most of your house shots. After you've gotten really comfortable with hitting your arrow, I would recommend even starting to look at the individual boards, if your eyesight will allow it. That way if your accuracy can be even more finest. You're targeting is everything in bowling because that's where the ball is going, that's on proper track. It's like firing a shotgun, if you just shoot it off in the air, you might or you might not hit the duck. If you have your, you target of sight, odds are you're going to hit what you're looking at. So once again, one of the big ten tips in your ten pin bowling; find your target, start out with your secondary, if you've never done it before and start learning to adjust around that mark. And that's more of the big tips in ten pin bowling.