Video transcription

Hey, I'm Ashleigh Gass, strength and conditioning specialist with here on Clearwater Beach at Eagle Fitness. So, just how do you reduce belly fat? Well, belly fat can be there for a number of reasons, but, typically, always in those set of reasons is someone's nutritional habits are not very good at all. So, they're eating a lot of breads, a lot of grains, a lot of cereal products, a lot of processed foods. They are not drinking much water. They're drinking everything else instead of water. Protein intake is usually low. Fat intake is usually low and vegetable intake is usually low. So, in terms of nutrition, that's where you are going wrong, so you need to increase your intake of vegetables, a little bit of fruit, lots of healthy proteins, lots of healthy fats. Make sure you are also well watered. It's also nutritionally you can take care of it, you might have to find if you are not sleeping well and you are stressed out constantly, you will accumulate fat around your middle region because of stress hormones like Cortisol are starting to become a bit excessive, so in addition to cleaning up your diet, you need to make sure that you're sleeping as many hours a night as you can, and that the quality of sleep you're getting is high, dark room, lights out, etc. and do your best not to try to eliminate all stress in your life, but to handle the stress that you have better than you are now. So, when you combine all that, you'll start to hopefully reduce some, reduce belly fat. For an excellent guide on nutrition and some great basics on getting started just go to There's a book called "Precision Nutrition" and it's just loaded from A to Zed with all sorts of tips, meal plans, strategies to improve your nutritional habits. So, hopefully that's helped. I'm Ashleigh Gass with