Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bill Walker and I'm going to show you how to cut Levolor blinds to fit your windows. You will need a measuring tape, a pencil and a hacksaw. The first step is to measure the inside of the window. Using the measuring tape, measure the width of the top of the sill. Next, measure the center. Now measure the width of the bottom. Mark down the smallest of these measurements. You will need an eighth inch leeway on each side of the blind. To do this, you must subtract a quarter inch from the width of the blind and this will give you the eighth-inch leeway on each end that you need. This is the measurement you will use to determine how much to cut off the blind. Take the measuring tape and mark a spot on the headrail where you will cut the blind down. Take the hacksaw and saw off this portion of the headrail. If the slats are too wide, you will have to repeat the same procedure as above. Now, you are ready to install the blind. And that is how to cut Levolor blinds to fit your windows.