Video transcription

Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, PGA golf professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona. And, I'm going to talk to you about the proper grip and arm position to improve your game. Now, we've talked about the grip previously today, so you can go back and review that. But, with the proper grip, you also need what I call natural arm position. It is very easy to obtain. What you do, is you set up like you're going to hit a golf ball, athletic position, and then you let your hands just hang natural. That's a gravitational point. That's where your arms are going to try to gravitate to when you swing the club. If you start out here too far, guess what? As you swing, your hand's going to drop inside, you're going to hit the ball in the toe of the club. If you get your hands too close to your body, as you swing, the hands are going to want to move out, and when you hit the golf ball, you're either going to hit it in the heel, or in some type, the worst case scenario, the shank of the golf club. We don't like to mention that word, but, it does happen to all golfers sooner or later. So, you take a natural position, athletic position, let your hands just hang naturally, and that's what you want to achieve with your arm position. Now, a lot of people say, "How far should I be from the ball?" Well, it's immaterial, and the reason being is, is that you're going to be farther from the ball with a driver than you are with a five iron. So, as a result, what you want to achieve is a pretty natural arm position on all shots. So, when I set up to a five iron, I'm going to be setting up with my hands hanging comfortably. And, when I set up to a driver, I'm going to set up, and my arms are going to be basically in the same position, and the reason being is, I don't fix constant. The clubs are the variables. So, work on natural arm position. When you're on the driving range, if you're struggling a little bit with it, you set up to the ball, put the club here, let your hands drop down. Put the club in your left arm. This tells me, right now, I'm too far, that my hands were too far from my body. So, I want to move in just a little bit. By the same token, if I set up here, and I put the club here, let my hands hit naturally together, and I put the club in my left hand, now that tells me that I was crowding the ball, that I had my hands too close to my body. So, I want to keep it natural, just like this, and if ya do that, you'll improve your game.