Video transcription

Hi, I'm Max Eberle, and I'm talking to you from Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California and this is how to pocket the eight ball on the break. And the materials you need are your cue or break cue if you have one, cue ball, chalk and a fully rack, legal rack of eight ball. So, what you want to do is spread them out as far as you can and make a ball and have a shot. So, I'm going to control the cue ball by hitting the cue ball in the center and I'm going to transfer my weight forward mainly with my arm and just push forward slightly and most important of all, have a really solid bridge. So, let's see what it's going to look like. First, I'll chalk; now, I want to get balance on my stroking line and descend down into the stance with my second step. And then third, I'll just follow through as hard as I can and see what happen. I'm Max Eberle, and that's the eight ball break in pool.